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Event Production: Key concepts

Pay close attention to everything what’s happening on this video. Watch it once, and play it again. Can you explain what’s going on? Can you identify the key elements of the installation process of the event? Write them down, as many as you can, now! In our industry, attention to detail over the entire process… Continue reading Event Production: Key concepts

Event Management

Expect the unexpected

Why do you think problem-solving skills are essential in Event Coordination? An event requires many hours of preparation. Especially because there are a lot of small details to think about such as special permissions, menu specifications, riders, staff coordination… Everything can be planned to help reach perfection, but still, on the day of the event,… Continue reading Expect the unexpected

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Volunteering will make your résumé stand out from the rest

I finished my undergraduate in Advertising and Public Relations some years ago and I still remember how hard it was to get my first job after graduating. At the moment, I just started a program in Event Management at Humber College in Toronto. But this time, I told myself I will change my vision from… Continue reading Volunteering will make your résumé stand out from the rest

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Who are your Event Planner’s role models?

Hi everyone! After a refreshing summer break, it feels good to be back into a routine. A lot of exciting things are happening this month: school starts, new business plans, networking contacts… And in my case, a new vision for my blog! I have decided I will adopt a different approach in my posts from… Continue reading Who are your Event Planner’s role models?

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10 best Event Management Instagramers

For Event Managers, coming up with fresh and new ideas is a very valuable aspect of their careers. Inspiration is everywhere and we need to take advantage of our environment to encourage our creativity. Social media helps us a lot to reach this inspiration, especially creative and visual apps like Instagram. However, with more than… Continue reading 10 best Event Management Instagramers

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Top uncommon conference spaces

Conferences don’t have to be organized in a hotel. Be clever and think about original places for organizing a conference. You will not just make the meeting more inviting to attendees, but attract more clients for your witty ideas! Let’s have a look at some examples:   Art Galleries. You can play with the layout… Continue reading Top uncommon conference spaces