Guest blog

Hello! I always like hearing from people that want to contribute to creating content about the Event Planning Industry. All ideas, suggestions or queries about my blog are also more than welcome!

I strongly believe in the effect of guest posting, I like writing valuable content for other blogs and, of course, I love bloggers who want to participate in the PR coffee runner. The only thing I would appreciate is that you treat your post the same way as I would do with yours:

  1. Before start writing, I always analyze the content on your blog. I analyze the writing style and I discover who your readers are.
  2. Then, I will send you 3-4 topics that I think they would be interesting to write about.
  3. I don’t start writing until I get some feedback.
  4. Also, you would like to know, that if you decide to post on my blog, I will include your name, a little bio about yourself and a link to your blog.

I believe in the power of guest posting for the quality of information and the high volume of new readers that can bring to both of our blogs. Let’s grow together!

You can contact me at:

the PR coffee runner