About I’m busy Planning Events

Welcome to I’m busy Planning Events! This is a blog for those interested in Event Management. It doesn’t matter what your knowledge in the field is but how passionate you are in discovering the Event Industry.

For students and recent graduates, getting the first job in the industry is always very challenging. And we all know that when you first start in a business -probably as an intern-, running to get the coffees for your colleagues is one of the things you will do the most at the beginning. This is actually the concept that gives a “sarcastic” name to the blog. However, on this blog, everyone gets their own coffee 😉

I write about how you can give the best of yourself to land a job in Events. What will make your résumée stand out from the others, how to prepare for an interview, Event Coordinator resources, Event Planning concepts… I talk from my own experience and I encourage you to share your stories with me.

I hope you enjoy the ride!