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Spring is here: find the perfect flower

It seems that flowers are the must have element in any kind of event. If you think about a gala dinner, a wedding, a social event, a meeting… there is always some type of elaborate flower arrangement as part of the décor. As an Event Planner, you might not need to be an expert in flowers, but you definitely have to be able to guide your client on which flowers best suit their event.

Let’s start with easiest stuff first. What are the most common types of flowers throughout the year?

I feel this is a good chart as it shows which flowers can be found in each season of the year. Remember to keep in mind when the event will take place to pick the right kind of flower!

To choose the right blend of flowers that will keep your attendees talking about them during the whole event, it’s important to remember what the event goal is. This aspect is necessary for all phases of the planning process. No matter what you are thinking of doing in the event, always bring it back to your client’s objective. Does this distinct flower mix make sense for this kind of event? And for this specific client?

Remember when I was talking about Event Design Fundamentals last month and I mentioned that each color has a different meaning? The same happens with flowers. Each flower carries its own meaning, so it can actually bring a lot of significance to the event.

Oh! There is one last thing I want to share with you regarding flowers. Flowers give off different scents, and depending on what kind of flower arrangements you choose, they might have an intense fragrance. Be very careful when selecting them, as you don’t want to put very strong- smelling flowers on a table where food will be served. The mix of odors should to be kept to a minimum.

What kinds of flower arrangements have worked for you in the past? Or, is there a lesson that you want to share with me?


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