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Elements of the Event Design

Incorporate originality and imagination to your event and it won’t be forgotten. Each element of the event has to be taken into account when implementing a creative design. Here’s a list of key event components you must remember when planning your event:

  • Event title: The title is the first contact that attendees will have about the event. Surprise them! Standard Example: The 23rd Annual Black & White Ball. Creative Example: 23 Years in the Making… Tuxedos under Twilight
  • Invitations: Make it fun! Decorate the invitation with the theme of your event, use bright colors, shiny materials, experiment with different patterns and textures!
  • Venue: Choose a special location for the event. A convention doesn’t have to be in a convention center, a meeting doesn’t have to be in a meeting room. Again, be creative! Remember when I wrote about “Top uncommon conference spaces”? That’s what we are talking about.
  • Catering: Provide a unique food experience. At the end, a lot of people come to the event for the food, so make sure you stand out. Stay on top of the trends and work with your caterer to create the best menu for your event. As an example, on a recent event I volunteered for, the menu was personalized as the Gala Award theme Alice in Wonderland.
  • Lighting: Light is a basic element of event design, and you should play with it. Instead of using spotlights on stage, try something different like colorful uplighting or lights under the tables.
  • Seating arrangements: Most standard tables are round tables of 8; let your creativity shine and make combinations of round tables and long tables…Here’s another tip: don’t assign a seat to each person, make it open seating and let them choose who they want to sit with.
  • Staff attire: Workers don’t have to dress in black; instead, have them wear something that goes along with the company’s brand or the event’s theme. Examples: construction hats, sports t-shirts…
  • Table décor: Think about the choice of linens, the napkin knot, the cutlery… And don’t forget about the most important item in table décor: the centerpieces. They don’t necessarily have to match or be the same, you can have a combination of three different centerpieces, for example. A quick pointer about centerpieces: never let them be at people’s eye-level levels, always below or above, they would like to talk to the person on the opposite side of the table!
  • Entertainment: Search for a unique performance and make it appear when guests least expect it. You have the power to decide when the show starts.

I feel this is a great list of elements that will almost always be in an event. They all allow you to use your creativity and create unique experiences. Play, experiment and have fun! After all, that what event planners are hired for!


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