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Event Design Fundamentals

The colors you chose on your design can be determinant in the experience of your attendees. You really shouldn’t underestimate what design can do. For example, if you love color red and you decide to decorate the room completely in red, your guests could end up feeling angry and irritable. Red is a strong color that can be unnerving and make your blood pressure increase, it’s best used as an accent color. Do you want to make sure you are using the right elements to design your event?

These are some key fundamentals of event design:

Color meanings: Being aware of the psychology of the colors will help you determine what’s going to be the primary color of your event. You also have to consider the event’s objective and be careful when picking that color scheme. Here is an extensive list of color meanings that you use as a cheat sheet.

Color harmonies: This is helpful to know how to mix the colors and determine the event style of the event. Gaining a full explanation about color schemes and understanding terms such as complementary, analogous, triad, split-complementary, tetradic and square can be very useful when deciding upon your final event design.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to memorize all the combinations; instead, you can use simple tools to find harmony in the colors of your event. Simply insert the color you want to use and the website will give you its color scheme.

Design budget: There are certain elements of the event where you will spend more money on decorations. But what are the parts of the design you will spend the biggest portion of your budget? It should follow this order: stage is the focal area of every event, entry is the first impression, tables are where guests spend more time, corners are the anchor spaces, and walls and ceilings are for larger budgets (projections, draping, murals…).

Fabrics: It will determine the quality and sophistication of the event. Are you going to use velour, encore, supervel, muslin…? This will also be dependent on your budget.
Color palettes are essential elements to determine what’s the best design for each particular event. But this is not all, if you really want to create an event design to wow your guests, you also have to know how to implement it in the Elements of the Event Design.


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