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Creative activities for corporate events


Corporate events are for bringing the team together and providing a memorable experience to your guests. Your creativity in planning these activities plays an important role in creating that momentum.  

  • Aerial yoga: Yoga help us physically and mentally . Sleeping better, reducing weight and managing stress are a few of its benefits. Aerial yoga uses silks and it’s one of the most creative ways of practising it. The downside of this activity is that it can’t be realized in large groups because it’s not common to have a lot of the required materials in the same space.
  • Axe Throwing: This is arguably the more of an adventurous activity and is particularly suited for people that like to feel adrenaline. This activity is for those companies that want to create a competitive atmosphere, as an example of how you can organize it is by dividing the group in teams and creating a competition with a winner at the end. This is a very interactive game that can be performed in small or large groups.
  • Picnic up on a hot air balloon: Every hot air balloon can carry up to 28 guests, but you can rent as many air balloons as you want! Eating delicious food with a glass of wine while overlooking the place you are visiting, how great! On top of that, if you want to make great pictures, you can print the logo of your company on the balloon for more brand exposure.
  • Magic tricks reveal: A professional magician will perform some tricks and will reveal how to do it to your guests. A very mysterious activity that will keep your attendees entertained while practising their magician abilities. They will come back home showing all these tricks to their families and friends!
  • Graffiti painting: Your employees will be converted into vandalists for a day! Let their creativity flow and observe the great pieces of art they can draw. You can also make it more corporate by encouraging them to create art related with the culture of the company.
  • Go Karts: 3,2,1,GO! The race has started, an activity where your employees will have for sure a lot of fun!

The activities you plan for an event will always have to be aligned with the organization’s goals. In some cases companies will want to do activities just to provide a fun time for their employees; others simply want to enhance a specific skill for their team. Keep this in mind and be creative!


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