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Event Production: Key concepts

Pay close attention to everything what’s happening on this video. Watch it once, and play it again. Can you explain what’s going on? Can you identify the key elements of the installation process of the event? Write them down, as many as you can, now!

In our industry, attention to detail over the entire process of an event is a highly valuable skill. But, this is especially true the day of the production. When the event takes action and it’s time to build all of the installations up, people usually work around the clock and experience a heavy dose of pressure. At that precise moment, you will have to manage the production of the event efficiently. It can sound obvious, but it’s key for the success of the event: be familiar with all the event planning terms.

What concepts should you know like the back of your hand? Start by finding some key elements in Event Planning Language for Beginners. If you are planning meetings and conferences, you must check out a great resource called Meeting, Event, Convention Planning Terms. And if you want the whole event planning dictionary, visit this gem: Cvent Glossary.

For example, a list of some of the elements I identified in the video: box truss, road cases, dollies, scissor lift, stage, deckings, wedges, screen, production land…

Now, I recommend watching the video again and going over your list. Did you forget something? There are so many elements you have to commit to memory in order to achieve your desired effectiveness of the event.


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