Event Management

Expect the unexpected

wedding cake

Why do you think problem-solving skills are essential in Event Coordination?

An event requires many hours of preparation. Especially because there are a lot of small details to think about such as special permissions, menu specifications, riders, staff coordination… Everything can be planned to help reach perfection, but still, on the day of the event, something will surprise you.

Event producers have to deal with the unpredictable. There are some aspects that you have no control over, for example: snow storms, traffic jams or the keynote speaker’s flight is delayed. On the day of the event, you have to be ready for the unexpected and react FAST!

Let’s play a game and put this into practice. What would you do if…

  • In a wedding, the server is taking the cake out, and he drops it on the floor
  • There is an award dinner in the evening, and the famous hockey team from the city wins the league. Everyone is outside celebrating and blocking the access to the venue
  • The day of the setup — same-day as the conference — you realize that the electricity power of the venue is not strong enough to light up the AV equipment. The big-screen doesn’t light up, the projectors are not working properly…

C’mon, I want to see your ideas! It can be anything– all the responses are correct, but it has to be quick! Start writing!


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