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Volunteering will make your résumé stand out from the rest


I finished my undergraduate in Advertising and Public Relations some years ago and I still remember how hard it was to get my first job after graduating. At the moment, I just started a program in Event Management at Humber College in Toronto. But this time, I told myself I will change my vision from the very first moment.

I started asking myself a very simple question: What can I do during my studies to stand out from the rest? What will make a hiring manager take my résumé out of the pile and give me a call? Several ideas came to mind, like expanding my network, enforcing my skills, getting more experience… And I realized that all this can be done through one action: volunteering.

By volunteering in different associations, you will gain valuable experience in your field, will allow you to meet important people in the sector, will make your confidence grow, will make you feel rewarded… there are so many advantages in becoming a volunteer. So I started looking for open volunteer positions. The best resources for seeking opportunities in Toronto are: VolunteerToronto and the City of Toronto. But, I would also highly recommend to join an association in your field and volunteer for them. Great examples of Events Associations in Toronto include the MPI Toronto Chapter, CanSPEP and Event Planners Association.

I see volunteering as an opportunity to grow professionally and prepare yourself for your future job. I think it’s worth it to give it a try. Would it work for you? I’m pretty sure it will. So, please, if you have any stories about a volunteer experience that has led you to a full-time job, share it with us!


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