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Bring celebrities to your events


Who wouldn’t like meeting a famous person? Many of us have been dreaming of meeting some celebrities we admire for years. Would you be more tempted to go to an event where they are present? Absolutely yes.

Inviting a celebrity will give your event a lot of added value and awareness. This kind of strategy works very well, for example, for fundraising events. When you need to attract people to come to the event, this can be a very powerful selling point.

The other day in an Event Planning workshop, this topic came up and we all agreed it’s a huge advantage. Then, we started discussing what could be the downside of having a celebrity in an event. These are some of the aspects we came up with:

  1. Price. This is not very hard to guess. It’s quite obvious that it can be very pricey…
  2. Riders. Celebrities can be very demanding about what they want you to do for them the day of the event. Especially when we talk about big entertainment celebrities like Beyonce, Drake or Madonna. All the requirements that an artist needs to come to your event are collected in a document called “the riders”. There are two kind of riders: technical and hospitality.
  3. Speech. The most exciting moment of the event for the guests is when the celebrity appears on stage. Unfortunately, at that moment you have no control in what they will say. You can’t guarantee that they will mention anything about the cause of the event, or give thanks to those who are involved.

On my way home, I found this great article about the riders of some celebrities that I encourage you to read and share your thoughts with me. Do you think they are too picky? Have you ever been involved in a difficult situation with a celebrity at an event? Or do you know about any story? Share it with us so we can all learn!


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