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Who are your Event Planner’s role models?


Hi everyone! After a refreshing summer break, it feels good to be back into a routine. A lot of exciting things are happening this month: school starts, new business plans, networking contacts… And in my case, a new vision for my blog!

I have decided I will adopt a different approach in my posts from now on. I will start writing more about my personal experiences and about how I learn from day-to-day situations to strengthen my knowledge in event planning. I believe that if we have the willingness of becoming the best in our field, we must find the tools in our daily lives to educate ourselves.

For example, I was reading Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins and he talks about the importance of having a role model. He emphasizes about finding personalities we admire and searching for those people that inspire us. Mr. Robbins says those people will help us determine the steps we have to take to succeed in our career.  

So, I stopped reading and I asked myself, who are my role models in Event Planning? Who do I want to be like? After thinking for a while, I had some people in mind, but I have to admit no one person came up very fast. I started researching for the best Event Planners in the world to get inspired, and I found out that the list hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Right after, I thought I could share it with you and ask for your insights. Who is your role model in Event Planning and why?


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