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10 best Event Management Instagramers

Instagram accounts

For Event Managers, coming up with fresh and new ideas is a very valuable aspect of their careers. Inspiration is everywhere and we need to take advantage of our environment to encourage our creativity. Social media helps us a lot to reach this inspiration, especially creative and visual apps like Instagram. However, with more than 300 million accounts it’s hard to decide which ones are the best Instagram profiles to follow.

Just to try to help a little bit, here is my list of favorite Instagramers posting about their events:

  1. Caraevents
  2. Toddevents
  3. blueprintstudiosevents
  4. Rafanellievents
  5. apartyapart
  6. eventcreative
  7. out_inthefield
  8. 24carrotscatering
  9. Classicparty
  10. Marcyblum

With my selection, I tried to stay away from wedding planners accounts and focus more on business and creative events profiles. Would you share your preferred Instagram accounts with me?


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