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What to ask to a venue before signing a contract


I wouldn’t recommend signing an agreement with a venue without asking them these questions first. It can prevent you of a great deal of hassle and unnecessary headaches. It’s never a waste of time to take longer on planning the event. Don’t be in a rush (if your client allows you to…), otherwise, you can overlook important items that can be crucial the day of the event.

Before signing the contract you should know…

  1. Does the price include VAT? It can sound a bit obvious but you’d be surprised how many times this is not even mentioned.
  2. How many hours are included in the rental? Essential to know if setting up and tear down are also included. Ask them to include the timing in the contract.
  3. What are the rooms/areas that you can use? Important when you have to think about changing rooms for artists, staff, cloakroom, catering (including kitchen)…
  4. Are there any restrictions? There can be so many of them! For example: open fire, exclusive catering company, dancers, photographers…
  5. What kind of electricity and lighting is the venue providing? Very important to check with the AV company to see if there is enough power for them. Especially if you are doing any 3D effects, videomapping…
  6. Is there any other event taking place at the same time?
  7. Is there enough space for buses to stop in front of the venue? What about any parking facilities nearby?

All these questions are very basic and can determine the success of your event. If you are missing important details of the venue beforehand, there is not much you can do the day of the event. So, keep them in mind!


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