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Best cities to organize an event in Europe

How do you choose the destination of your next event? What are the best cities for events in Europe? What aspects should we bear in mind when choosing the location of an event? For those that are wondering any of these questions, here are the best cities in Europe to host an event and why.

1. Frankfurt, Germany

It’s the city with the most international flight connections in Europe (17), which makes it very convenient for attendees to arrive in time. There are a lot of high class venues and it’s easy to find eco friendly providers.

2. Milan, Italy

Milan’s great reputation in fashion and design makes this city jump to the top of the list. Plus, Italy is located in the heart of Europe and also has numerous flight connections.

3. Istanbul, Turkey  

It’s in the middle of 2 continents and is the bridge between Europe and Asia. Istanbul is a strategic city to create meetings for companies that are located in the surrounding area.

4. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest boasts a robust public transport network and it´s a very affordable city to travel to. That makes it highly attractive for conferences and congress organizers.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Since the Olympic Games in 1992, this city has experienced an extreme transformation in the meetings and technology spaces. Barcelona is now capable of hosting big events like Mobile World Congress.

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s an advantageous destination for those looking for a mix of meetings and entertainment. This city offers a wide variety of leisure activities as well as enticing incentive options.
As we can see, the most valuable features when deciding the location of an event are: flight connections, public transport network and variety of venues. Where are you going to host your next event?


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