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Live stream events in social media

conference videocall

Live streaming and social media are may be considered innovations, but what if we put them together? Let’s see some easy and cheap ways of how to incorporate into live streaming in social media. A very smart novelty to apply in your events.

What are some solutions of live streaming in social media?

Facebook Live:

An application on Facebook that allows you to invite friends, share reactions through comments and add a location to your live streaming. Once the event you are transmitting is over, it’s saved on your profile so it can be reproduced many times over. You can even post your live streaming video on groups and business pages to make it viral. However, for now, the full version is only available in the United States and is starting to open up – with some restrictions – worldwide.

Youtube Connect

For now, only some Youtube channels can get the live streaming option; you can see if your account is suitable for this on YouTube’s Creator Studio. But let me warn you that the set up can be a bit more complicated because there are certain requirements – like having an encoding software.

According to the keynote session on the I/O Google Conference this past May 2016, Google is developing a user friendly app for mobile devices named Youtube Connect. The app will allow users to enjoy a livestreaming event in a full 360º viewing experience. Youtube Connect will use 3D technology, where users will be able to look around like you were actually in that event.


Periscope was the first live streaming mobile app and it was acquired by Twitter in 2015. It only requires to log into your Twitter account or provide a phone number, and you are ready to start your very own live stream transmission. You can invite your Twitter followers to join your live stream and open it to public, if you would like.

A recent study created by Facebook found that live videos receive 10 times more comments than standard video posts, and users watch 3 times longer live streaming videos than posted videos. So it’s definitely a trend that we as event managers should take advantage of in our events. Don’t you think so?


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