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[Case Study] Create the greenest events


Client: Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Annual Meeting

Agency/Venue: Halifax Convention Centre


  1. Create the greenest event of the year in Canada
  2. Become the pioneers of event sustainability
  3. Achieve sustainability in food, energy, pollution and waste reduction


How did the CMA and Halifax Convention Centre manage to host a green conference? The 148th Canadian Medical Association Annual Meeting took place at the World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax, Canada. The CMA teamed up with the chosen venue to think about creative ideas on how to go green at their upcoming annual meeting. They planned the event step by step:

  1. Create a sustainable menu: The convention culinary center looked for local, organic ingredients to design the menus. They also used imperfect fruits and vegetables that would otherwise have been thrown away for their dishes. Also, leftovers were donated to a local charity, Feed Nova Scotia.
  2. Reduce pollution and waste: The CMA llet aside signage that weren’t 100% necessaries, reducing on site materials and instead printed on recycled paper.
  3. Decrease power: Bullfrog, Canada’s 100% renewable energy provider, was responsible for the energy for the entire event.


  1. 45% of food locally or regionally sourced
  2. 300+ lbs of food donated to local food bank Feed Nova Scotia
  3. 3,044 lbs of waste recycled or composted
  4. Close to 19,848 kWh of green energy used during the event



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