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5 Spring creative trends for Events

Spring has sprung. People become more cheerful and happier when it starts to warm up, as does our mind and ideas. We usually become more inspired in Spring, and the same happens with Event Managers.

We will discover floral decorations, interior/exterior design and other ornamental items that are the most stylish trends for this Spring 2016. We will create fresh ideas that you can implement in your events to surprise all the guests.

What is trendy in the event industry this Spring 2016?

long tables

Long Tables: This trend started a few years back but long tables are still in demand. People want to stay away from the traditional separate table format and they want to be innovative. This is clearly a tendency of this time of the year.

gold and metal cutlery

Gold and metal colors for cutlery: It’s one of the top trends in interior design and we are seeing this tendency also in event decoration.

paper flowers

Paper flowers: Handmade products require a lot of dedication and work behind them, and that is exactly what you want to reflect in your event. Go get them! Paper flowers look beautiful, very unconventional and can be used as an original gift for guests.

trampolin photo shooting

Photo Booth with a trampoline: Attendees jump on the trampoline and the photographer shoots the picture when they are in the air. A very funny and cool memory to bring home. Like I said in the first point, we should try to avoid tried and true ways if we want our events to be memorable.

drinks expositor

Drinks exposition: Display all varieties of cocktails that can be prepared during the event and use this arrangement as your custom drink menu. Light the cocktails up with LEDs to make them stand out and place a tag underneath with the name and the ingredients of the drink.

Was this post inspiring to you? Don’t be shy and share your ideas with me!


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