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5 stress-free habits to apply in event planning jobs

stress-free work

Public Relations jobs like an Event Coordinator, PR executive or Corporate Executive have been in the top 10 most stressful jobs for years. Anyone working in PR is required to have certain skills that helps them handle this stress effectively.

What can we do to feel relief even when we have lots of work to do?

  1. Break down work into small tasks. It will create a picture of the structure you will follow. Create a to-do list to help you know that you have the situation under control. Being in command of a task at work will make you feel more secure and, therefore, less overwhelmed.
  2. Accept that everything won’t go as planned. Obstacles might occur during your job and it’s totally fine. Be aware of this fact and prepare a backup plan that will ensure you don’t feel too much pressure when a mistake shows up.
  3. Stay positive no matter what happens. Your attitude is everything. Try to see the good side of problems and you will be telling to your brain that you are capable of overcoming them. Tell your brain you can do it, and you will.
  4. Make efficient use of  technology. There are many apps that will help you to plan tasks and to be more organized at work. We look into the most popular ones: Evernote, Asana, Basecamp, To-do list…
  5. Focus on only one duty at a time. Whenever people are multitasking they are being less efficient and often become more stressed. Focus on one task, give it your all and don’t go to the next one until you are 100% done.

Your clients can sense when you are stressed and nervous about your work, and it’s not a beneficial sign. Why not to try to use these simple tricks that can enormously change your work performance?


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