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How to get a job after you graduate


Getting that first foot into the doors of a top-tier PR agency is always the toughest challenge to accomplish. Getting a job when you have almost no experience is a big challenge for everyone. Candidates have to sell themselves and convince hiring managers of their capabilities usually without many references. How can you show them that you are the  candidate with the spark that they are looking for?

If you are a recent graduate, or you will be soon, what can you do to stand out among a sea of qualified candidates? Here are some tips that can help you figure it out:

  1. Don’t include cover letter and prepare a one page résumé: avoid writing long essays and be creative instead. Less is more like Robert Browning said in one of his poems, and it’s very true.
  2. Personalize your résumé: take care of the design, make sure it has a clean layout and try to be original… think about the hiring manager and the 1000 résumés that she has to go through and make her life easier.
  3. Include your Social Media Networks: Hiring managers will most likely check your social profiles before taking decisive decisions. So, why not taking a step forward and add them on your resume? Show them what’s your presence in social media and keep them active and updated.
  4. Don’t lie. This is very important. Be upfront and honest with your interviewers. It’s better to tell them on time that you don’t know how to do something but are willing to learn. Doing so is much better than being hired and immediately demonstrating that you have no clue how to start the task.
  5. Use unconventional ways of reaching the company. Be proactive and unique, and don’t settle with merely sending an email. Push yourself to do something that will remain in their memory, like showing up in the office or preparing a task related to the job offer for them. It will demonstrate a lot about your character and desire to work for that company.
  6. Show them what you can do for them. Take time to think about what you can provide to the company you would like to work for. Don’t tell them what you can offer, show them how you can help them. For example, let’s create a hypothetical situation. A social media strategist has to spend 2 hours per day analyzing campaigns. You can easily realize that you can take over that task and provide 2 free hours per day to the SMM strategist. It works very well finding situations where you can show the company that you can be very useful for them.

If someone is in this situation, good luck! Don’t forget to share other tactics that worked for you in the past, and we can all learn and succeed together!



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