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PR Mobile: how can a mobile website help your business

PR mobile

Since 2011 Americans spend an average of 3 hours and 8 minutes on the phone every single day, according to a recent study made by Emarketer. Does this surprise you? Probably not. Buying a plane ticket over the phone or reading an eBook instead of a regular book is not shocking anymore. Mobiles have become indispensable in our day to day lives and companies should be updated on their users’ new needs.

Nowadays, for a brand to have a website optimized for mobile is a MUST. A customer, as a user, wants to see how a brand cares about them, and a clear way to show it is by evolving with them. A business has to adapt to its  customer’s needs, they are missing out on major opportunities. Let’s explore in detail what the advantages are of working on a PR mobile experience.

  1. Drive more traffic to the website: Starting from May 2016, Google announced that appearing on search results is going to be almost impossible for non-mobile friendly websites. It’s worth it to spend some time researching about how to make your mobile website an attractive and easy experience for your users.
  2. Reach new audiences: How does the saying go regarding first impressions? First impressions are the most lasting ones. You want to show your best to these newcomers that land on your website. Your goal is to ensure a great first experience with the brand and make them want to come back.
  3. Improve engagement: Keep your regular users updated about the news of your brand. Create an app, for example, and send them notifications or reminders about significant events that are going on in real time in your company. Watch out as to how often you send these notifications as you don’t want to be too invasive and create an opposite effect. Two or three notifications per week should be plenty, but from 6-10 messages per week might make the user want to delete the app forever.

Do you know websites that are still not adapted for mobile? Which ones do you think are changing fast from desktop to phone sites? Share your favorite mobile brands that made a great job applying PR mobile to their brand!


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