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Do’s and dont’s of managing a social media crisis

Social Media Crisis

Social Media is so powerful that a single post can make or break your entire brand. Social Networks have become one of the most direct and fast channels of communication between customers and organizations. This is why taking care of your social media image is a “must do” for any business. Taking time to set a social media strategy will also be very helpful to avoid mistakes that could lead to an undesirable social media crisis.

However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. What looks like a good post can turn into a problem that can damage your image. How do we respond to these situations?


  1. Pretend it didn’t happen. Delete the original post if you want to, but your audience still needs an explanation. Be transparent and tell them what happened- apologize if you have to – and your users will appreciate your sincerity.
  2. React without thinking first. If something goes wrong, remember there is always a way to solve it. Don’t reply right away and give yourself some time to analyze the situation and come up with a valuable answer.  
  3. Protesting. Complaining too much about the incident will make your brand look like you can’t control the situation and it’s being overwhelming to you. Face the situation and don’t show any weakness.  
  4. Say your account has been hacked. This excuse is just not going to work and it may damage you even more. Your audience is smart enough to know if your account has been hacked or not and you don’t need to say it.


  1. Become the owner. Take responsibility of your guilt and become the owner of the mistake and the solution to the problem.
  2. Add humor. Watch out when the damage involves religion, politics… issues; but usually humor works very well to overcome small mistakes. Let me explain this concept with an example. It’s Friday night and I’m about to put on my dancing shoes and I write a tweet about it on my personal account. After 1 hour I realized I have actually posted in my business account by accident and now I have 140 witty comments to take care of. It’s a mistake that can easily happen, so why not to add a little bit of humor to overcome the problem?!

Everyone makes mistakes and it’s even easier to get yourself into trouble on social media. But if it happens, just let it happen. Once it’s done, it’s done, and there is no way back. React to it calmly and manage it fast and smart. I hope these tips will help. If you know any social media crisis cases, please, share them in the comments below!


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