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[Case Study] A Day in My Deichmanns


Client: Deichmanns Shoes

Agency: VAN Communications


  1. Increase followers on Deichmanns’ Instagram account
  2. Post original and relevant content to stand out from the crowd


VAN Communications had the challenge of differentiating Deichmanns from other shoe firms on Instagram. They found the way to do it by teaming up with external opinion leaders in the fashion industry that will yield in more power to the brand. They collaborated with Carrie Harwood, a leading fashion blogger established in London, UK, and creator of

The communications agency and Carrie together started a campaign under the hashtag #ADayInMyDeichmanns. It consisted of selecting 40 UK’s top street fashion bloggers (with Carrie’s invaluable help) and let them chose a Deichmanns’ pair of shoes. They encourage all the selected bloggers to share pictures with their Deichmanns on Instagram, adding the campaign’s hashtag #ADayInMyDeichmanns on their posts and following the brand’s Instagram account. This action would last 6 weeks and it would allow Deichmanns to propagate their brand on Instagram very quickly and consistently obtain new followers.

But that was not all. They wanted to give their campaign extra value in order to enhance participation. Therefore, they attached a prize of a weekend in the capital of fashion, Milan, Italy, for all members on Instagram that posted under #ADayInMyDeichmanns.


  • Deichmann’s Instagram followers increased by 384%
  • #ADayInMyDeichmanns posts reached 30.000 likes and over 350 positive comments
  • The activity impacted a total of 1.3 million people
  • 100 entries from different fashion bloggers including notable influencers with 49k followers
  • 74 additional Instagram posts estimated in £60.000

Instagram Campaign Dichmanns


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