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Create a poweful Social Media Strategy for Startups


Successful startups like Airbnb often build a solid Social Media Strategy prior to launch. This is a clear action that any new startup should consider before initiating its business. Entrepreneurs who have already created a startup know that this is not an easy decision.

50% of all new business fail within five years, according to an INC article from the 13th of October 2015. But, if you are thinking about creating a startup, don’t become discouraged by these kind of statistics. Instead of letting bad vibrations affect you, view them as challenges and don’t fear failure! Your startup will succeed if you focus your efforts on mastering the basics of business.  One of these aspects is to design a powerful Social Media Strategy.

Being present in social media will help you creating strong and lasting relationships with your customers. Social Media is a wonderful tool for customer service, as you have direct and daily contact with your users. A strong Social Media Strategy can bring your company ahead of the game.

What are the main steps of a SMM strategy?

  1. Goals: Envision where you want to go and what is the purpose of a SMM strategy. Are you willing to increase sales, raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty or drive traffic to the website? Think about what’s better for your business and set no more than 2-3 goals.
    All goals have to follow the SMART strategy: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. It’s important to set goals that you can achieve than to be too optimistic and get frustrated for not reaching the objectives.
    An example of an effective goal is: Increase 50% in brand awareness within 6 months.
  2. Customer’s profile: You must send the correct message to the right people. Consider creating what are called “buyer personas”. To acquire it, design a profile of the ideal buyer (age, income, hobbies, children…) and direct the content of your messages.
  3. Analyze the competence: Get to know what your competence is doing and learn from them. At the end, they are doing similar business and they are aiming to the same target as you. Pick the 3 top companies and check in what networks are they present, what kind of language they use, what references they cite…
  4. Kind of content: After these 3 steps, it’s time to start building the strategy itself. It’s fine if you want to get ideas from your competence but be creative and try to surprise your audience!

  5. Choose your channels: Be careful when selecting what Social Media channels you will use and think about where you can find your audience. Each SMM channel has its own function and target. For example: Pinterest or Instagram might be good if you own a fashion firm or a restaurant, while LinkedIn is usually used for B2B relations.

  6. Build a content plan: Plan the contents in advance making sure that all the messages are align to your strategy. Try to be as diverse and creative as possible because this is what will catch your audience’s eye.

  7. Measure your results: Very important, all these actions need to be measured to check if you have reached the goals you planed. You can use different online tools like Socialbro or Grader that will help you out to measure these results.

I would recommend you reading “How My Company Got 1,025 Likes, 485 Shares and 50 Comments on Facebook In 7 Days”. Moreover, as you might have noticed, I love infographics. Here is one more about Social Media Strategy for Startups that complements my post.



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