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[Case Study] The Next Day of David Bowie

David Bowie

David Bowie, we will miss you. Aside from being an amazing singer, songwriter, producer, etc etc etc; him and his team were an example to follow in terms of Public Relations. Today, I can’t find a better way to launch the “Case Study” section than analyzing a PR case of David Bowie.


  1. Relaunch David Bowie’s music career with the album “The Next Day”
  2. Create expectation about David Bowie’s new single “Where Are We Now?” without revealing what it was until the real launching day on the 8th of January 2013


The launching of “Where Are We Now?”, the new single of David Bowie, was planned to go up on iTunes at 5am (GMT time) and the video of the song would be posted on David’s official website at the same time. No other promotion or information about the new single would be announced before that time. Nobody knew what David Bowie had up his sleeve this time.

David Bowie’s team was a bit worried because they were not promoting the relaunching at all. They were scared that the single wouldn’t have the audience that they were expecting. But this was the risk they had to take for the success of the campaign. It was part of the strategy and, at the far end, they were confident about the impact it would make.

The night before the launching, the team had selected some of the major media influencers like Caitlin Moran (The Times), Dylan Jones (GQ) and Jonathan Ross (BBC). Bowie’s team sent them an email saying that they should set their alarms for 5am because something big will happen. That created a huge expectation in between these selected le that kept them up almost all night for the excitement of the great news.


On the 8th of January 2013, only a few hours after the relaunching of David Bowie’s music career, the news was out and the song PLAYED on BBC Radio 4. The announcement was backed by social media on The Outside Organisation’s Twitter and Bowie’s Facebook. The release was covered by all UK national newspapers like The Financial Times, Daily Mirror, Sky News, ITN, BBC News, including the front page of The Independent!

“The Next Day” was the biggest selling album of the year to date and it got 104,000 extra likes on Bowie’s official Facebook. Amazing campaign with amazing results!


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