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The 3 smartest online marketing ideas to triumph in 2016

Online marketing ideas for 2016

Christmas is around the corner, but before everyone goes back home to spend time with their families we recommend you to take a look at these 3 ideas. 2015 came with a lot of new innovations in online marketing, but there is even more for 2016. It is time to sit down and take a piece of paper and analyze what are going to be the trends in 2016.

  1. Snapchat: This app has been one of the most popular apps between teenagers during the past 5 years. Posting pictures or videos that are available for a very short period of time keep people very engaged with the app. The “Discover” option was an excellent idea as it helps business owners advertise their product, and also keeps customers interested with what is coming next! The ‘Discover’ is visible in the home page for all the Snapchat users and they can replay it as many times as they want, that is why posting a video on this support will be a smart decision for companies.
  2. Social Searching: The biggest social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are incorporating new features that could be a revolution for the ecommerce market. Users will be able to buy products directly from the social media channel instead of having to go to the website and buy it from there. Moreover, they could post or share the product that they bought and other people could buy it directly from there as well. This means that buying social will be one of the trends of 2016.
  3. Mobile advertising: New apps B2B will develop an easier way for companies to advertise themselves and personalize their ads in apps. Considering how stuck we are with our phones nowadays, we can not ignore this way of advertising.

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