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Spring is here: find the perfect flower

It seems that flowers are the must have element in any kind of event. If you think about a gala dinner, a wedding, a social event, a meeting… there is always some type of elaborate flower arrangement as part of the décor. As an Event Planner, you might not need to be an expert in… Continue reading Spring is here: find the perfect flower

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Elements of the Event Design

Incorporate originality and imagination to your event and it won’t be forgotten. Each element of the event has to be taken into account when implementing a creative design. Here’s a list of key event components you must remember when planning your event: Event title: The title is the first contact that attendees will have about… Continue reading Elements of the Event Design

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Event Design Fundamentals

The colors you chose on your design can be determinant in the experience of your attendees. You really shouldn’t underestimate what design can do. For example, if you love color red and you decide to decorate the room completely in red, your guests could end up feeling angry and irritable. Red is a strong color… Continue reading Event Design Fundamentals

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Creative activities for corporate events

Corporate events are for bringing the team together and providing a memorable experience to your guests. Your creativity in planning these activities plays an important role in creating that momentum.   Aerial yoga: Yoga help us physically and mentally . Sleeping better, reducing weight and managing stress are a few of its benefits. Aerial yoga… Continue reading Creative activities for corporate events

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Focus on STRENGTHS, forget about weaknesses

I find this statement of infinite value. We must stop thinking about what we don’t do well and focus on what we are good at. Our talents empower us– they make it possible to move to higher levels of excellence and fulfill our potential. The good news? Everyone has natural talents that can be converted… Continue reading Focus on STRENGTHS, forget about weaknesses